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OP2Inno@Stor solution is a unified and distributed storage system designed for excellent performance and scalability.

What is the OP2Inno@Stor?

Our OP2Inno@Stor solution is based on industry standard hardware and is independent of any vendor-specific hardware. OP2Inno@Stor provides client access through standard API interfaces.

OP2Inno@Stor solution is currently under heavy development. Coming soon...

Nowadays data needs are changing rapidly. Customers need to cope with this change and adapt change faster than the competitors. They need to react to changes very fast and deliver a cost-effective, scalable and resilient Storage solution. OP2Cloud software defined storage solution provides all the above mentioned features and helps customers to cope with the increasing data demand. OP2Cloud's software defined storage is seamlessly integrated into OP2Cloud's OpenSource cloud based solutions and helps customers to:

  • Reduce CAPEX: Use industry-standard hardware to save both short- and long-term CAPEX costs.
  • Scale-Out Cluster: If your data demand increases you just need to add more servers to your existing storage cluster. 
  • Reduce OPEX costs:  React quickly, cost effectively and with less administration overhead to reduce your OPEX costs significantly.  
  • Reduce Administration Overhead: An intelligent, self-healing, self-managing distributed storage solution helps customers to reduce administration overhead.   
  • Resiliency: High Availability adds automatically resiliency to your storage cluster.

Your benefits using OP2Inno@Stor solution

  • Accessible, always-on storage

  • Reduce TCO

  • Easy and inexpensive upgrades

  • Control your data by yourself

  • A self-managing architecture for minimal outage

  • High performance for high-capacity demands