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OP2Inno@Edu Solution

Digitalization is transforming the economy and thinking of a society. The most effective way to achieve digitalization goals is to embed into the educational curriculum. Our OP2Inno@Edu solution is predestined to boost the digitalization endeavor.

Inspire learning, collaboration and efficiency of your people to optimize outcome with OP2Inno@Edu

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Training Has Never Been Easier!

Innovation will drive the economy of the future and the process of developing business opportunities. Our OP2Inno@Edu solution is a smart learning environment which is fully equipped with everything necessary to leverage cloud based solutions.  


Our OP2Inno@Edu infrastructure solution consists of state-of-the-art hardware and on open source openstack based software tuned to work together as one unit and enables you to access your cloud resources from your device, from anywhere and at anytime

Your benefits using OP2Inno@Edu

  • Provide a complete development environment

  • Boost successful business ideas

  • Engage talents where they are

  • Human capital – attract High-tech investors

  • Skills and knowledge at a cheaper price

  • Develop new skills and knowledge