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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): Enterprise, public and private organizations need State-of-the-art IT-Infrastructure and application platforms to run their business effectively. OP2Cloud provides an openstack open source based private cloud solutions that enables you to build a scalable application environment.

What is the OP2Inno@Ent?

As described below OP2Inno@Ent solution consists of three solution units. Customers have the choice to implement various different solutions depending on there business needs.

OP2Inno@Ent solution is currently under heavy development. Coming soon...

SMPS is the smallest solution unit that enables small businesses such as SOHO, engineering office and other branch offices to utilize IT services by accessing optimized and open sources cloud Infrastructure.

OP2Cloud will provide medium Enterprise Services for  public and private organizations that need State-of-the-art IT-Infrastructure to run their business effectively. The customer can concentrate on their core Business, while OP2Cloud builds the IT infrasturctur based on customer needs.

EMPS is suitable for large entities with multi sites, such as hospitals, government offices and universities. The solution could be provided on-demand.


  • Flexible and scalable

  • Based on open source - so gaining major cost saving on expenses software

  • Ease of Integration to customer applications

  • Ease of digital transformation

  • Shorter time to market