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Training Service

The internet and the digital world is unstoppable. Today, more than ever, continuing education and training is paramount to maintaining and enhancing one ́s skills, especially in response to changes in technology that impact virtually every profession. OP2Cloud has the answer to your training needs in terms of location, hardware, software, network, educators and tutors.

How we deliver the training services

OP2Cloud offers training in it's competence center as well as using portable training facility.

Portable training facility

  • Our portable facility is equipped with state-of-the-art could based solution that supports customer applications required for the training

  • Computing access, Portable monitors, Printing services

  • Provides a classroom facility that is portable and customizable for example movable modular furnishings can be included, on customer request

Training facility on our competence center

  • Our competency centers provide training facility
  • Our competency centers is equipped with state-of-the-art could based solution

  • Our competency centers offer highly qualified trainers

If you want to run your training using your own trainers, OP2Cloud provides dedicated facility to run your trainings. Your trainers will be able to upload training materials to conducts the training instantly where every you want including rural area. This training services is stable for business, government institutions and NGOs.

OP2Cloud will train your staff, employees and students in all  cloud ready applications such as education, IT and health-care related field and enable you to receive high-quality training at a location your choice. We provide you high qualified trainers at affordable pricing.

OP2Cloud will get companies from Europe or other part of the world to conduct trainings and events in Rwanda under Safari vacation feeling. Many companies in Europe spend a lot of money to hold events and training in European cities, which is very expensive.

Companies do support such kind of event not only, because it is cost effective, but also to motivate their employees and to identify with the company. Africa is a desired destination for team and skill building. Companies will run their training or events using their own trainers, OP2Cloud provide them dedicated cloud based facility.